Winners Gallery

lillyver won $2,500 on Pyramids Of Cash
“Thank you it's coming up school holidays so it will come in handy and I'm going to take my granddaughter frozen on ice in Melbourne."
cathie1771 won $1,690 on a Bingo Jackpot
“I was so excited, happened so fast. I am going on a big family destination wedding in a few weeks, this will provide some extra fun on our trip."
tanaka5 won $54,000 on Wild Lion
“Thank you for this amazing win. I'm looking at purchasing a property to build a house so a deposit of $60,000 it will used and paid a few bill's off and keep a little in savings for a rainy day."
biscuit23 won $22,000 on Slots Games
“Thank you I am very happy about my win its the biggest I have ever won. I will be using the money towards my sons wedding and will pay off my car as well as a few other bits and pieces."
cocolou won $36,000 on Spinning Spurs
“I am thrilled with my win, I have shared my winnings with my family, I gave some to my parents who are in their 70s and have always been battlers, a small gift to 5 of my sisters and the rest will be used for an en-suite for my husbands disability needs."
verada won $31,000 on the Blackbeards Booty Progressive
“Thanks so much this is life changing. I need a new oven and am going to Perth to visit my grandchildren. This money will enable me to travel in comfort in 2018 to the winter Olympics in Korea to watch my grandson in the speed skating. You have to be in it to win it so keep punting people I was just playing the side game while waiting for the bingo game to come up. Thank you once again."
jjlittleffoot won $7,615 on Pyramids of Cash
“I am planning to buy my daughter a small car with the winnings, yay."
RaewynNZ won $8,000 on Paris Chic
“I got free spins that then re-triggered so many times I lost count! Couldn't of come at a better time, will help out with our wedding in 6 weeks and now a nice place to stay on a honeymoon! Thank you Bingo Cafe!"
numbnuts69 won $6,090 on Galaxy of Riches
“I couldn't believe it when I saw I had won $6000 when I got 5 aliens on Galaxy to Riches. I'm a disabled army vet and so is my husband, we play Bingo Cafe together as its a cheap form of entertainment for us due to our limited income. The winnings will go a long way in helping us not have to worry with the expensive bills. Thanks once again Bingo Cafe."
Alli61 won $16,000 on Jungle Fever
“I couldn't believe I won $16,000 on Jungle Fever. It came just at the right time. After recovering from my spine surgery. Now I can go on a well-deserved relaxing holiday. Just what the doctor ordered! Thank you Bingo Cafe."
julza won $17,000 on Jungle Fever
“I cannot thank Bingocafe enough. With my fantastic win I am buying a new car and going on a little holiday to beautiful Port Douglas. I have played at Bingocafe for many years and had some great wins, all the players and CM's are lovely and I look forward to playing for many years to come."
verada won $15,000 on African Safari
“I have just won 15000 dollars on the slots most on safari. My investment was just 75 and I had a great run ending up with the free games 3 times bless that little jeep. This has just in the space of 1 day changed my life. I will now be able to pay off my credit cards. Give my grandchildren a present. I can get new teeth because these ones are held in with glue. Many thanks cafebingo and I hope you all have some fairy dust sending your way."
aussieangel32 won $9,000 on Galaxy of Riches
“I plan on leaving the money in the bank and paying some bills and taking my kids on a holiday."
dash31 won $2,050 on Jackpot Jamboree
“Surprise Christmas gifts for my family."
superwina won $30,000 on Secrets Of The Pharaohs
“I was so excited to get free spins and to see a full screen of ladies was a real shock! It?s still sinking in, but thanks to this win, it is like I have earned a whole years income in one go! My fiancé and I are planning to do some home renovations and buy each other a long overdue anniversary present and maybe even a holiday! Thank you so much!"
spook40 won $1,197 on Bingo Bonanza
“I'm so over the moon with my bonanza win I'm going to spoil my wife and daughter by taking them to our royal show at the end of this month and treat myself to some dvds I've been wanting for a long time. I hope everyone who plays at Cafe can have the same feeling I had at some time. "
hotbabe won $6,000 on Mad Science
“Wow, love playing at Bingo Cafe. I won $6000.00 playing Mad Science. "
tony0666 won $15,000 on Cash Blizzard
“I've won at BingoCafe, it's a great place. They really look after you! Thanks BingoCafe. "
Hotbabe won $15,010 on Blackbeard's Booty
“Going on a trip and my oldest son is getting married, so I can now give him a great present."
jessielass won $2,000 on Cash Blizzard
“I could not believe my lucky good fortune $2000 was the total and thanks to Bingo Café I will be able to go on a wonderful shopping spree! I love Bingo Café the CM's and live help and all the staff are so terrific and I will return every day for more fun and games. Thank you Thank you, Fantastic gaming experience with absolutely fantastic people."
jessielass won $10,000 on Secret of the Pharaohs
“Thank you more than I ever dreamt of winning! I won $10,000.00 on Secret of the Pharaohs and now I plan to take a long awaited holiday and spoil the family and my closest friends. I am in absolute awe that I had lady luck on my side and won such a wonderful jackpot. Thank you, thank you Bingo Café and all the people from Bingo Café! I love bingo and I play at the site every day and simply enjoy the fun and games and now thanks to Bingo Café there will be many more!"
kim elliott won $7,444 on BlackBeards Booty Progressive
“My bingo win came at the perfect time I am to head to Darwin to welcome my first grandchild into the world, it will make my time up there so much more relaxing, I can now spoil them. I will also update my car and spoil myself. I can?t thank Bingo Café enough you have changed my life. "
feebie28 won $4,000 on Secrets Of The Pharaohs
“My big win has come at the best time ever for me, my partner turns 60 in 8wks and now i can spoil him even more with a little surprise, thanks Bingo Cafe."
charli-girl won $2,056.00 on Cash Blizzard
“Wow! I updated my contact number and was excited to get a cash bonus of $50 for just doing that. I thought I'd play Pyramids of Cash. I had 5 pyramids on one line and 5 on another. I was shocked. Oh happy day! What I love though is playing on Bingo Cafe and I now have lots of cash to make my weekly deposits with. Awesome!"
Pris63 won $3,750 on Jungle Fever
“I just had a my first grandchild and he and his parents have just moved back home. This money will go to his mom to set up his new bedroom back in Australia, closer to Grandma!"
sea15 won $2,056.00 on Cash Blizzard
“I want to thank you for the win. It is very exciting and unexpected so most will go to bills but some has to be saved so I can continue to play your exciting games. I love playing the slots, but like bingo too. So thank you, thank you."
Jandco4 won $3,000 on Secrets Of The Pharaohs
“I am so happy to have won my Jackpot. I was able to get a new dining room suite with it. Thank you so much Bingo café."
Onarole won $11,800 on Crack the Safe
“I will put the money towards the cost of purchasing a training organisation, as the final instalment in the savings kitty. This win has made a long awaited dream turn into a reality and marks the start of an exciting new journey!"
Nicmax won $3,000 on Bingo
“Hi all, I won 3200.00 playing bingo. I won the bonanza pot. Isn't that cool. Bingo cafe is the site that I play almost every day. It's also the site that I won most. We have fun with the CM's who works really hard to give us the famous bb's, the informations we need etc. Long life Bingo cafe. I luv all your slots and bingo games."
Charli-girl won $2,000 on Secrets of the Pharaohs
“Secrets of The Pharaohs is my favourite. The wilds are stacked during free spins and I sure had a pile of wilds come out. I was betting high as I had built my cash up so high with all my wins. Summers approaching and I am so grateful to have one as I now have cash to buy new equipment for my catering business. Yahooooo! Very exciting! Thanks Bingo Cafe!"
stanley123 won $12,000 on Jungle Fever
“Hi! I am Stan and I won 12000.00 on jungle fever and had a get time doing so. I plane to pay off some bills and have a little fun. I would like to say thanks for the basket you sent me today to congratulate me yahooooooooo!"
ruby1846 won $1,000 on Secrets of the Pharaohs
“I was absolutely gobsmacked when I won a thousand dollars, on the game called Secrets of the Pharaohs, I will share my win with my grandkids, spend a little on myself & take hubby out for lunch. Many thanks to Secrets of the Pharaohs for my win! Ruby"
2step won $6,000 on African Safari
“Take a family on a holiday. And fix my car. Thank you so much for the win, it's really nice to be a winner. Thank you so much BINGO CAFE..."
LUCKYNUTZ won $1,700 on Bingo
“I was so Happy with my online win at BINGO CAFE I had to eat cake :) thank you so much it was a very surprising and welcomed win you made my night!"
tonyx2 won $1,900 on Blackbeard's Booty
“Hi there yes was a great win will have a great Easter holiday now looking forward to more great wins in bingo cafe . Regards, Tonyx2"
Janice Webb won $1,000 on Blackbeard's Booty
“Thanks so much for the win on Blackbeards Booty Bingo Cafe. I plan to buy myself a special treat and then reinvest a bit more on Bingo Cafe as I love the site and always have plenty of fun. Thanks again."
Nicmax won $1,182 on Bingo
“Hi all, Wow, I won the jackpot here on bingo cafe playing blackout games. $1182.29 I'm soooo happy. I needed that sooo much. I love playing games on this site. I play slots too and love them. I appreciate the CMs too, they work hard for us. Thank you very much bingo cafe nicmax"
niss74 won $25,000 on Genie Fortune
“hi I plan to buy myself a car and save the rest be nice to have a savings amount for the 1st time in my life cheers bingo cafe u have changed my life"
tiger_gags won $1,010 on Lost City of Atlantis
“Hi there It was a great win this came in time for me to pay for my rego on my car Thanks bingo cafe"
nella33 won $6,000 on Spinning Spurs
“My $6000+ win on Spinning Spurs helps out the best and made my night :), With Hubby out of work at the moment it has come in handy and I can also get my 2 sons a bit extra special birthday presents in 2 weeks :)"
jasper33 won $2000 on Spinning Spurs
“Cheers! I hit it Lucky on Spinning Spurs! My win of $2000.00 came at a wonderful time for me! Thank you Cafe... now I can catch up on some much needed shopping and pay a few bills... lol"
Vernajean1 won $1,000 on Bingo
“I spent my money on bills that I unexpectedly received after I returned from holiday. Thanks to bingo cafe I can sleep peacefully without worrying about the bills. Thanks, Verna"
Facingmoon won $5.852 on Lost City of Atlantis
“Hi roomies! Man amazing! first to him who was, an is an ever shell be, thanks, coz just one spin on lost city of atlantis, and i won 5 thousand dollers,with his hand one spin! total $5,852.00,i hope to buy a new rifle with the winning,and new flat screen tv, thanks again bingocafe"
snip257 won $1,000 on Secrets of the Pharaohs
“I love bingo cafe and i love the people i meet here too makes it more fun to play. So what am i doing with my winnings? Well my hubby is away for a week im having a big hot tub party for me and my friends. food and drinks on me. LOL and of course some new clothes thank you bingo cafe you're the best."
erina71 won $1,000 on Bingo
“Ty very much for my jackpot win I intend to spoil myself (and my sister) cheers bingo cafe"
Ckarako won $10,400 on Jungle Fever
“All I can say is...AMAZING! I was in disbelief when I saw 5 free spin symbols come up worth $11,500! Later on I hit 5 parrots worth $1,250 all on Jungle Fever! The win will go a long way towards new furniture for my new home. Thank you so much Bingo Cafe!"
mocca60 won $1,403 on Bingo
“Thanks bingo cafe for my fantastic win! I plan on treating my family and putting some away for Christmas"
Sandriane won $5,366 on Bingo
“I would like to thank the Bingo Café team for my big win! Amazing! Sandriane"
lovelees6 won $1000 on Lost City of Atlantis
“THANK U BINGO CAFE! i can hardly believe it! i had trouble sleeping last night as I was so excited ha! The twins will get some new toys and our truck is in desperate need of a tune up... I think I may even get some new perfume ha ha! Thank u, couldn't have come at a better time thanku thanku thanku"
Samlouiseh won $1,002 on Pyramids of Cash
“I would like to thank you for this win I'm so happy with this I'm going to use the money towards Christmas as I've 5 kids to buy for lol so this is a great help thank you again x"
Amydoreen1983 won $2,262 on Blackbeards Booty
“Thank you so much for the win. I was in complete shock when it happened, had to call my daughter over to confirm the good news. I plan on paying some bills and taking my family on a little mini vacation."
Mzthickness won $ 3,000 on Jungle Fever
“Thanks for the win Bingo Cafe. I hope to use the winnings on some bills and my trip to the states at the end of the year."
Mocca60 won $1,000 on Bingo
“Hi, my first reaction was omg! did i just win a jackpot? What shocked me most was I had just dropped from max to 10 cards as the saying goes it only takes 1 card. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and have been going through a bad relapse so this win will enable me to get away for a short holiday and just rest. A big thank you to all at bingocafe."
Butterflygirl7 won $10,000 on Enchanted Garden
“Wow, $14000.00 is almost exactly the amount of my debt, I'm going to bring my standing to zero with them all. I plan to use some of the money for a special visit with friends whom I haven't seen in a few years. It is lifting a huge burden off my shoulders. Again, WOW! My biggest and long term plan, will then be able to buy my new fishing boat. Thank you so much Bingo Cafe--it has been a fun run."
xmumziex2012 won $1,000 on Bingo
“I was so surprised and excited to win the Bingo Cafe $1000 jackpot I couldn't believe it. The board was covered so fast I saw the amount I won before I realised what had happened so thank you very much. My youngest son and his partner are about to have their first baby in September and I plan to spend some of the winnings to buy a nice gift to help them out and the rest toward a long awaited holiday I have been planning in Cairns, Australia. Good luck to all the players, we all think we won't be so lucky but it does happen."
Cocolatte won $2,050 on Slots
“Hello Bingo team and roomies. I am so excited about my win, and least expected to win that much. Amazing feeling when you win big. I am going to spoil and pamper my family, buy some nice things, even maybe a nice getaway to relax on a weekend and be spoilt...Thank you Bingo Cafe for making it a possibility. See you and good luck to all in the rooms. cocolatte."
Peach86 won $18,750 on Blackbeards Booty
“I'm a single mum, and this money means so much to me, Might go on a holiday and buy heaps of baby stuff :) Thanks so much Bingocafe"
julia2929 won $2,800.00 on Bingo
“Thank you so much for my Jackpot win of $2800. I've never won so much ever. Then because I hadn't met the wager requirements I went onto slots and won a further $2200!!! I just couldn't believe my eyes. We have just gone out and bought a new bedroom suite and a new lounge suite. Bingocafe is a wonderful site, not only because of my fab win, but also your Players in your Chat Room are so very friendly and your CM?s are great. Thank you again. Julia2929"
Dj54 won $2,555 on Bingo and Galaxy of Riches
“Thanks Bingo Cafe, for my win. It came at just the right time, I will pay off a few bills and go to see my daughter later in June. Thanks dj54"
Tiamaria444 won $2,700 on Jungle Fever
“Thank you Bingo Cafe for my fabulous win! All I could do was scream when I saw my balance! Will be using the winnings to help purchase a 2nd car for my family and maybe spoil my 3yr old twins a little :) Thanks again!"
bellamia2025 won $1054.00 on Spinning Spurs
“I am planning to give myself a lovely mothers day lunch, pay a few bills and give my girls a nice shopping spree. It has come at a great time , being a single mum and not working at the moment, it was highly appreciated. : )"
jimb1974 won $1,234.09 on Bingo
“I cant thank Bingo Cafe enough. The money will come in handy as we have 5 kids with 3 of them being on the Autism spectrum. Thinking of buying the new Ipad for the boys as they have allot of apps for kids with aspergers/autism. Maybe a little something something for me and the wife too lol. Cheers again and see you back at the Cafe soon."
Hellmac won $1,005.00 on Galaxy of Riches
“Thanks for my win on Galaxy. I am saving money for a six week trip to USA & Canada in July and August for my 50th Birthday."
dar123 won $1005.57
“WOW I was so happy I thought I just won 55$ that was the prize for that game but when I look up woohooo. I won the jackpot too! Thank you soooo much bingo café!! I love this place I been here since your door open, so once again thank you Bingo Cafe!"
Sandie79 won $1867,50 on Enchanted Garden
“Thanks so much for the win it's my first big win with Bingo Cafe... I was sitting on the edge of my chair starring at the screen to make sure i wasn't seeing things. I will pay off some much unneeded bills with my winnings. Thanks again Bingo Cafe."
07Leah won $1,000.00 on Bingo
“I was in shock for some time I think lol. The money couldn't have come at a better time as we are moving to the other side of Australia. Will buy my son something cool that he has been wanting and maybe a spoil for me too :) Thanks again."
JoLea5 won $3,375.00 on Slots of Bingo
“Thank you so much for my win, I am using the money to take my kids to see the interstate family, as it has been over a year since we have seen them we are all very excited."
Luckybazz won $1,124.25 on Pyramids of Cash
“I had a win on Pyramids of cash, which came in real handy as I need new tyres for my car. Barry"
sheldon1 won $1,554.74 on Bingo
“I am planning on using the money to go to Bali with as had a holiday booked and my husband had an accident and was laid off work plus I have put some back into bingocafe but thank you bingo café as this is my first big win."
John5353 won $65,000.00 on Blackbeards Booty
“Thank you so much for my massive win on Blackbeards Booty! I almost fell off my chair when all the treasure chests rolled up! $65,000 is a lot of money and I'm not sure what I will do just yet but I will let you know! Guess I'm still in shock. Holiday in Thailand next month. "

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