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You will see yourself as an animated figure that is able to walk, and talk. You can move around in the rooms by clicking the area of your destination!

• When you click on the games menu you'll notice your avatar will walk into the game room where a selection of games will appear. You have the option of clicking through a tab menu - choosing your game of choice.

• If you still have to download the game, please select one of the bingo games in the meantime and go back to your game once it has finished downloading.

• Chatting is simple - type in the talk bar at the bottom of your screen and press enter. A speech bubble will then appear above your head!

Bingo 75 Game

Figure 1- 75 Ball Bingo Game

Table of Contents
A- How to play 75 Ball Bingo
B- Buying Cards
C- Current Game Info
D- Next Game Info
E- Table Chat

A- How to play 75 Ball Bingo- (Refer to top image part 1 & 2)
• Bingo cards have random numbers ranging from 1 to 75; numbers are called from a pool of 75 balls and are marked off on the player’s cards if they match. The winner is the first player whose card has all the matching balls marked of in a predefined pattern.
• Bingo Cards and Patterns - Bingo cards are divided into groups of numbers. The groups are named after letters in the word Bingo. So group 1 is called B and numbers range from 1 to 15. Group 2 is called I and numbers range from 16 to 30 etc. Each of the 5 columns on a card has random numbers from the respective number ranges on them. See the Table below.
Number Range

• The pattern that players are trying to achieve can differ greatly – anything from a standard single line to more complicated themed patterns. The aims of the online Bingo games are always the same: mark the numbers to achieve the pattern and get bingo.
• Each game has a single “Bingo Pattern” associated with it, and this Bingo pattern will define the winning card/s. The pattern is a 5x5 square; with the centre block ignored. The game will then select a predefined 5x5 pattern, called the “Bingo Pattern”. This pattern is the winning pattern of this game.
See Figure 1 below.

• Once the game has begun you can watch as the numbers are automatically called and marked off on your cards. The computer will call out in random order all 75 Bingo balls. If a user’s card contains the called number that number is marked off. If the marked off numbers match the winning pattern, then the player wins the game. See figure 2 below

• Your cards that are displayed on the top right hand of the screen will automatically change from: Bingo in 4, to bingo in 3, to bingo in 2 etc until you have 0 to go until Bingo. If you have 0 to go, you then get Bingo and win the game. Your name will then pop up saying that you were the winner of that game.See figure 3 below.

B- Buying Cards: (Refer to top image part 1 & 5)
• While a game is being played, a player can buy into the next game to be played. If a player sits down at the table in between games a timer (see Figure 4 below) will indicate the time to the next game. To join a game, a player needs to have enough money to buy cards for the game. The money is first deducted from the player’s real account, and if no real money is available, then the remainder is deducted from the bonus bucks account..

• To purchase bingo cards, select the cards you want to play. The number of cards to buy can be adjusted by clicking the 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and MAX buttons .You can then optionally increase/decrease the amount of cards to buy by clicking the “<” and “>” buttons. See Figure 5 below

• Once you have chosen the cards that you would like to buy, click on the BUY NOW button to buy cards for the next bingo game. The card prices will vary from game to game depending on which Bingo room you are playing in.
The minimum amount of hands a player can buy is 3, the minimum price for a hand is 0, as sometimes cards are free. The minimum bet is thus $0.
The maximum amount of hands a player can buy on any given blingo game are 240, the maximum hand price is $1. The maximum bet is thus $240.
• If both “real” and “bonus bucks” accounts have insufficient funds, the player won’t be able to join the game and he/she will be asked if he/she wants to purchase additional credits. Each game has a minimum and maximum allowable number of cards. To qualify for a game the player has to buy at least the minimum, and no more than the maximum allowable number of cards.
• Auto play button- If you want to leave your PC, and still be included in the next game you can tick the auto play box. You will be prompted to enter the number of cards to purchase for each possible card denomination. Once you have chosen the cards that you would like to buy you click on the ‘Buy Cards’ tab. See Figure 6 below.

• Total purchase amount -The total amount that you purchased for that specific game will be displayed next to “Total Purchase”. See Figure below.

• C- Current Game Info: (Refer to top image part 3)

• Prize : The prize amount depends on the number of players participating in the game and the number of cards purchased.
• Jackpot : All games are played for a Jackpot. The Jackpot is won by the first player to achieve bingo within a certain predefined “number of balls”. If there is no winner of the Jackpot in a certain game, then the jackpot is rolled over to the next game. Jackpots are site specific and can thus only be won by players playing the game within that specific site. Jackpots can be changed and can vary according to hours of play and patterns.
If the jackpot is won it will automatically reset back to the minimum jackpot amount that is set for that hour. If the jackpot is won by a non qualified player (Player who has not made a first deposit) the jackpot amount won will then be added back into the next Jackpot.

• Bingo Bonanza : The Bingo Bonanza is the Progressive Jackpot and varies proportionally to the card price played. The Bingo Bonanza is a jackpot played across all participating Leapfrog Gaming sites. It is therefore possible for this Progressive Jackpot to be won at another participating site. The starting value of this jackpot is $10,000 for a $1 card, and therefore $1,000 for a 10c card, etc.


The Bonanza prize can only be won when a Bingo Bonanza pattern is playing - not all games will have a bonanza prize-. If there is a Bingo Bonanza pattern playing then a little ‘i’ will appear below the Bingo Bonanza meter . If you click on the little ‘i’ the pop up box below will appear on your screen, which explains how many cards you need to purchase in order to be eligible to win the Bingo Bonanza. The Bingo Bonanza is funded at a rate of 1% of bingo wagering.

In the unlikely event that the Bingo Bonanza is won at two participating sites at a very close to the same time, then the jackpot amount displayed may not have had sufficient time to correctly reflect the initial win. In this case, the first player to hit the jackpot will be awarded the Progressive Jackpot payout and the second player to hit the jackpot will be awarded the starting value as stated above.

Where the progressive jackpot is won (i.e. the specified number of balls to Bonanza / MegaVault is achieved) during a bingo game, then the regular jackpot is carried forward to the next bingo game. In other words, the regular jackpot is not won during the same game where a progressive jackpot has been won.

•Information on number of Balls to Jackpot - If a player gets bingo within the specified number of balls he will win the jackpot. In the figure below the number of balls to jackpot is 17.

•Information on number of Balls to Bingo Bonanza - If a player gets bingo within the specified number of balls to Bingo Bonanza, then he will win the Bingo Bonanza. See the figure below.

• Card price - Each game can have a different price per card set. Price denominations can vary from game to game. Some games may offer free cards on a preset buy-in ratio.
• The total number of players – This will vary from game to game depending on how many players are participating in that particular bingo game. For example in the figure below, a total of 9 players participated in that game.

• The total cards – These are the total number of cards that you have bought for a specific Bingo game and will be displayed next to total cards. For example in the figure below, a total of 6 cards were purchased.
• Mini Games - If there is going to be a mini game in the next bingo game, the name and type of mini game will appear next to the line reading ‘Mini Game’. For example in the figure below there is no mini game as it says “none” next to ‘Mini Game’. Mini games vary is type and are all explained by clicking on the small blue “i” on the screen.
• Bonus cards - The number of bonus cards will be displayed in the next game section only and will vary from game to game. Next to ‘Bonus Cards’ (see Figure 7 below) you will see for example 3:1. This simply means that in the next game you can buy 3 cards and get 1 free

• D- Next Game Info- (Refer to top image part 4)
All the details explained above will be displayed for the next game and transferred to the current game info, as soon as the game starts. See figure 7 below

Figure 7

E- Table Chat- (Refer to top image part 5)
Once you are seated at the bingo table you can chat to the other players that are sitting with you at the table. You can chat to player at your table by entering text in the chat bar located at the bottom of your screen above the menu bar. When you are seated at the table and chatting to the other players, you can see their cards changing colour as they get closer to getting bingo. As can be seen in the Figure 8 below, your cards will change to the following colours:
- Red – when you have three numbers to go.
- Yellow -when you have two numbers to go.
- Green -when you have one number to go.
- Purple -when you have 0 balls left to Bingo

• Table chat - Players can also chat to other players within the site using table chat board, this chat is moderated by a chat leader and is accessed by clicking on the “Chat” button in the menu bar.See figure 9 below

• Impact of Disconnection
Once a player has purchased cards for a game, then no further game interaction is required from the player to complete that game. Thus, in the event of a player being disconnected, the game will be completed without a player's presence, and all winnings will be credited to the player's account.
If a player has purchased cards for the subsequent game and that game had not yet started at the time of disconnection, then the player will not be included in the subsequent game and any monies deducted for that game will be refunded.
Please note that if a player is disconnected while playing a currently active bingo game, then the player will only be able to log in again after that game has completed.

• Malfunction

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play.
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