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Login Name: Guest Date: 14 June 2012

MegaBingo: Free Tickets
Stand a chance of winning one of our Saturday $2,500 guaranteed prizes with MegaBingo this month! And it gets even better - we’re giving you complimentary tickets to get in on the action. Your loyalty level: /%first_name%/ - determines the amount of tickets you are eligible for:

Loyalty Level Number of Tickets
Bronze 3 Tickets
Silver and Gold 5 Tickets
Platinum and Diamond 10 Tickets

How to claim your tickets:
1 - Login to the Bingo Cafe software
2 - Go to the MegaBingo room, step up to any MegaBingo game machine, then click on the BUY button for the 23 June $2,500 guaranteed prize game.
3 - Enter the following code next to "Enter promo code here": /%last_name%/ (See image on the right - promo code block highlighted in green)
4 - You will automatically receive the tickets for your loyalty level!

View all the Mega Bingo Information here.

Happy Fathers Day
Father's Day at Bingo Cafe
It’s Father’s day this Sunday, and we’re celebrating! Join the CMs and roomies on Sunday 17 June, for a fulfilled day of trivia and word scramble games. Will you be the smartest of them all? Here's wishing you all a relaxing, shoes-off, slippers-on, wonderful kind of day!

Monthly competition at Bingo Cafe
Monthly Competition - Pot O' Gold
To claim your share of the $2,000 BB pot this month be sure to bingo on all of the competition numbers * 4 * 7 * 13 * 29 * 33 * 37 * 50 * 58 * 65 * 70 * .Once all the numbers have been bingo'd on, you'll qualify for a share of the Gold pot! How many numbers do you have so far? Check your progress click here.

Winners corner at the Cafe
Winners corner at the Café

xmumziex2012 won $1,000 - Bingo
‘I was so surprised and excited to win the Bingo Cafe $1000 jackpot I couldn't believe it. The board was covered so fast I saw the amount I won before I realised what had happened so thank you very much. My youngest son and his partner are about to have their first baby in September and I plan to spend some of the winnings to buy a nice gift to help them out and the rest toward a long awaited holiday I have been planning in Cairns, Australia. Good luck to all the players, we all think we won't be so lucky but it does happen. ‘
butterflygirl17 Butterflygirl7 won $10,000 - Enchanted Garden
‘Wow, Wow and Wow some more.  $14000.00 Believe it or not is almost exactly the amount of my debt.  So naturally I am going to divide it up among all those creditors, bring my standing to zero with them all.  Then I plan to use some of the money to plan for a special visit with some of my best friends whom I haven't seen in a few years--bring them up to Northern Ontario and let them experience some of the best fishing in the world.  For me, just having the financial freedom that I have been working at lowering for the last 8 years.  It is lifting a huge burden off my shoulders.  And finally it is going to allow me to take my second Caribbean vacation later on during the winter months. Again, WOW, WOW, WOW!  My biggest and long term plan, will then be able to buy my new fishing boat, and do some serious fishing on Onaping Lake.  Thank you so much Bingo Cafe--it has been a fun run.’

Amby81 won $ 2,200 - Spinning Spurs

‘This money has made me debt free :) I can't thank Bingo Cafe enough.’

Wimpo won $3,541 - Mermaids Treasure

‘Hi there, the win comes at a good time my Daughter’s sewer has broken so dad will help her pay to get it fixed. It’s a hard life being a dad, many thanks Wayne’

Ralf12 won $2071 -Bingo
‘I plan to save some of the win (I just couldn't believe my eyes when it happened, totally unexpected and I had to keep counting the line of digits -couldn't accept that the 2 was in the thousand spot) but anyway I will save some to fix my car and no doubt will deposit some back in to keep playing. Love the friendly chat rooms, and I am afraid I am infected with the "bingo cafe" disease!! Lots of fun and .... Just when you think your bucks are running out - you haven't any luck left - bam you may just get a Jack pot! Thanks again and to all new members - hang in it will be worth it!

Suzyq59 won $8,684-Bingo

‘To say that I was shocked that I won that much money is an understatement.  I wasn't even paying attention to what the bonanza number was and I believed at first that I had just won the bingo game.  I am so thrilled.  I plan on giving some to my children, taking care of a few small home projects and then doing something really fun and indulgent (haven't decided what yet-that's part of the fun).  Thank You Bingo Cafe!’

Visit the website to view all the latest winners at Bingo Café.

Email sweepstake
And the winners are...
The following players have each won a share of the 200BB sweepstake pot -

mammacat, susann1203, angel2822, Guylou16, michele3463, mart17883, frgelena, Taandrei, skyenmick, teacup59

How to claim:
1) Make sure your login name is listed as one of the winners
2) Forward a copy of this newsletter to [email protected] with the subject line ‘email sweepstake'.

The bonus will be credited within 1 business day - winners have one week to claim their prize.

Check in here same time next week for our next group of lucky winners. Good luck!

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