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$2,500 Cash Prize ~ MegaBingo 30th April
Have you got your tickets for the $2,500 guaranteed MegaBingo prize game? If not, you’ve still go time! The game will play on Saturday, the 30th of April at 22:00 EST. Pre-buy your tickets at the Bingo table or in the MegaBingo room. For more information go to the MegaBingo Page.

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Winners Corner aboard Bingo Cafe
$1,908.00 Win on Flower Power
"Wow! I just won the jp on Flower Power. I love playing this game! I was off sick for 3 months so I still have bills to pay. Wow, so excited! Thank you very much for every thing you do for me its a awesome site. Thanks again." ~ hoho11
$1,250.00 Win on Galaxy of Riches
"Thank you. I leave for Vegas on the 25th of April and it sure will come in handy. It was a nice time to win." ~ starguard55
$1,950.00 Win on Riches of Wonderland
"I’ve decided to use my winnings to buy a TV for my bedroom, although hubby will hate it (LOL)." ~ The Gabstar
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- Free game hours: In order to qualify for Free game hours, players must have made a deposit in the past 7 days.
- View the terms and conditions posted on the website for wagering requirements for promotional bonuses.
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