January 2011 Week 3

1) Top Winners
Every day Bingo Cafe gives away cash to many of the lucky roomies.
Check out many lucky winners right here.

Player Game Amount Date
Show Me The Money 2020 19 January 2011
alliecat Gypsy Queen 2687.5 18 January 2011
PrincessJudy MultiHand Deuces Wild 1000 18 January 2011
leoniejoy Riches of Wonderland 1506 18 January 2011
LAUREN1709 Galaxy of Riches 2505.75 18 January 2011
xtuutalik The Posh Life 1050 17 January 2011
maree18 Mad Scientist 2400 17 January 2011
sassy08 Bingo Jackpot 2239.91 16 January 2011
p1erspar Riches of Wonderland 1015 16 January 2011
srumball Spinning Spurs 1537.5 16 January 2011
john5353 Lost City of Atlantis 1000 15 January 2011
mario1963 Show Me The Money 2700 15 January 2011
beargrylls75 Slots of Bingo 1350.9 15 January 2011
dozza1801 Jackpot Jamboree 1256 15 January 2011
stormzz11 Pyramids of Cash 1250 14 January 2011
Angel Wings The Posh Life 6262.5 14 January 2011
fussyfossil Pyramids of Cash 2500 14 January 2011
max09 Cards of Fortune 1120.4 13 January 2011
sharay1 Slots of Bingo 1523 13 January 2011
2haras FruitFrenzy Slot 1125 13 January 2011
Lilqueenie The Posh Life 2151.88 13 January 2011
kyffin Merlins Magic 1600 12 January 2011
monkeybirds Bingo Jackpot 1730.23 12 January 2011
author Pyramids of Cash 3688.88 12 January 2011
aestrel Jungle Fever 1125 12 January 2011
Phantom3207 Roman Riches 1200 12 January 2011
sweetflower66 Slots of Bingo 1125 11 January 2011
Lynnie57 Spinning Spurs 6390 11 January 2011
Madge63 Lost City of Atlantis 2002.5 11 January 2011
kiwiboy Riches of Wonderland 4296 10 January 2011
blackice Jackpot Jamboree 1382.5 10 January 2011
golfer15 Bingo Jackpot 1000 08 January 2011
mysterygirl15 Mermaids Treasure 2517.5 08 January 2011
kanahsnan Lost City of Atlantis 10025 07 January 2011
zcougar Roman Riches 3600 07 January 2011
HuskyBlue The Posh Life 1004 06 January 2011
ned kelly9853 Lost City of Atlantis 2000 06 January 2011
elisabethtye Bingo Jackpot 1000 06 January 2011
TacoDaisy Gypsy Queen 1015 06 January 2011
poobear7 Bingo Jackpot 1000 05 January 2011
starguard55 Looney Fruit 1000 05 January 2011
bluegirl65 Gypsy Queen 2001 05 January 2011
rosebub1951 Jackpot Jamboree 2542 05 January 2011
seesoogela Lost City of Atlantis 5562.5 04 January 2011
ennalorac Pyramids of Cash 1250 03 January 2011
Netsnickie Bingo Jackpot 2075.49 03 January 2011
wimpo Lost City of Atlantis 2027.5 01 January 2011

2) Testimonials

$2,500 win ~ The Posh Life
"I was in shock when I won today. I have never won anything more than 1000 dollars.. I plan on using the money to pay of some bills and giving my 4 beautiful children a Christmas they wont forget. This is my first Christmas with my sons in over 4 yrs after a horrible custody batter with my ex husband.. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, Bingo Cafe. Just know you have made some very happy children over here." ~mzthickness

$2,254.50 win ~ Slot of Bingo
"I am very excited about winning my jackpot, I just knew it was my turn, lol.
What a nice time for my winnings, right after Christmas, now I can shop till I drop and then relax and play some more at my "FAVORITE" Cafe. Who knows, maybe it's still my turn. I recommend this site to all my friends and anyone who wants a fun filled evening at home. Thank you Bingo Cafe from a lifetime fan." ~ Lovey 46

$2,027.50 win ~ Lost City of Atlantis
"I have broght a new bed, to try and get some sleep. Great win not a game that I play much but a win is a win. Thanks! ~ Wimpo


$1,523.00 win ~ Slots of Bingo
"Thank you, my win came at the best time! I'm having an operation next week and will have to be off work for a while. The win will pay my bills. I no longer have to worry and can just relax and get well. Thank you." ~sharay1

$1,120.40 win ~ Cards of Fortune
"How great was that, I received a phone call telling me that I was to get a $20 bonus and a 200% deposit bonus and I ended up winner over a $1000. It will be very handy as my grand daughter starts Secondary School next month and this win should just about pay for her books and uniform. So, many thanks to you and all at Bingo Cafe." ~ max09

$1,015.00 win ~ Riches Of Wonderland
"Awesome site!!!! Best Cl's on the net!!! Best Roomies also!!! Great payouts and no problems with withdrawls!!! Win or lose! This time I won. Now I know where my new Iphone is coming from ;-) No other site on the net could even come close!!!!!" ~ p1erspar

$1,537.50 win ~ Spinning Spurs
"It was a nice surprise to win in the spinning spurs side game. The winnings are certainly a help during these tough economic times. ~ scrumball


3) MegaBingo

It's the start of a brand new year, and to celebrate, we're giving away $31,000 in guaranteed cash prizes.

Have a look at the MegaBingo Game schedule for January.

Everyday from the 1st to the 31st January, you can stand the chance of winning $1,000 Daily.

For more information

4) Loyalty Club

Loyalty Club
What does this mean? Bingo Cafe rewards all of our loyal players with exclusive benefits each month. Your loyalty status is based on the following: deposits, wagering, time spent in the site as well as feedback from the CMs. For more information, visit the website.

5) Free games
Make sure you're actively playing bingo, and make a deposit at least once every 7 days, to qualify for our free bingo hours.

Day Time (EST) Loyalty Level
Tuesday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Tuesday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond

Additional Criteria:
- All players must have made a deposit at least once in the past 7 days, up until and including the day of the free game.
- All players must have wagered any amount in bingo in the prior week (Monday to Sunday)

6) Tournamets

Bingo Cafe has many exciting tournaments for you to choose from.
Saturday Spinsation
Sunday Spectacular
48 Hour Bingo
Slot Hot Shots

Don't miss out on the fun!

7) January Monthly Competition - Winter Wonderland

Joe has managed to get his hands on Jack Frost's hat & has filled it with loot for our Winter Wonderland competition!

Grab your share of the loot by winning on and claiming each of these numbers in January:

* 5 * 11 * 20 * 24 * 36 * 45 * 49 * 58 * 67 * 75 *

Each player who wins on and claims all of these numbers during the month of January will be a competition winner and receive a share of the loot in Jack Frost's Hat

Get your competition information

8) Deposit Bonus Specials
Get up to 100% back on each deposit you make at Bingo Cafe.

Check out the awesome deposit bonsu specials to see what you qualify for.

Saturday 29th January 2010 : 100% back on all deposits for all players.

9) New Player bonuses
As a new player, you'll receive 200 complimentary spins to try our slot games, and $20 to try our bingo games.
You will also receive a 300% deposit match bonus on your first deposit!

300% bonus on first deposit
20 trial games on all slot machines

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