February 2011 Week 1

1) Top Winners

Player Amount Game Date
abee 1032 Galaxy of Riches 24 January 2011
AggieRose 1129.5 Jungle Fever 30 January 2011
beccab 1000 Jungle Fever 27 January 2011
bundymum 4370 Gypsy Queen 29 January 2011
Burrabeach 1000 Lost City of Atlantis 22 January 2011
Dianne24 6292.5 Mermaids Treasure 25 January 2011
elisabethtye 1000 Bingo Jackpot 21 January 2011
featherbell 1697.19 Bingo Jackpot 26 January 2011
Finchy6969 1400 Lost City of Atlantis 23 January 2011
franklyn 1236 Riches of Wonderland 21 January 2011
greggo69 1255 The Posh Life 28 January 2011
hooterscanada 2020 Lost City of Atlantis 28 January 2011
jjp 1252.5 Pyramids of Cash 25 January 2011
john5353 4002.5 Lost City of Atlantis 21 January 2011
lillyver 1210 Mad Scientist 30 January 2011
louisez 1692.36 Bingo Jackpot 29 January 2011
lvandyk 2515 Pyramids of Cash 20 January 2011
mandyh58 1378.91 Bingo Jackpot 28 January 2011
mario1963 1010 Show Me The Money 23 January 2011
Meenaa 1800 Riches of Wonderland 25 January 2011
michael0910 4090 Lost City of Atlantis 22 January 2011
mike7657 1920 Roman Riches 30 January 2011
Monica81 1030 Riches of Wonderland 26 January 2011
Moonlili 1005 Spinning Spurs 01 February 2011
mummsi 1000 MultiHand Deuces Wild 23 January 2011
ping86 1050 CashCarousel 28 January 2011
rosabud 1500 Jungle Fever 26 January 2011
rosebub1951 1200 Crack the Safe 23 January 2011
shaytamar 1200 Mad Scientist 29 January 2011
vixxxen 4055 Lost City of Atlantis 22 January 2011
waipapaboy 1254.75 Galaxy of Riches 20 January 2011
Wayne5 1000 MultiHand Deuces Wild 25 January 2011
wimpo 2088.66 Bingo Jackpot 26 January 2011


$1,523.00 win ~ Slots of Bingo
"Thank you, my win came at the best time! I'm having an operation next week and will have to be off work for a while. The win will pay my bills. I no longer have to worry and can just relax and get well. Thank you." ~sharay1

$1,120.40 win ~ Cards of Fortune
"How great was that, I received a phone call telling me that I was to get a $20 bonus and a 200% deposit bonus and I ended up winner over a $1000. It will be very handy as my grand daughter starts Secondary School next month and this win should just about pay for her books and uniform. So, many thanks to you and all at Bingo Cafe." ~ max09

$1,015.00 win ~ Riches Of Wonderland
"Awesome site!!!! Best Cl's on the net!!! Best Roomies also!!! Great payouts and no problems with withdrawls!!! Win or lose! This time I won. Now I know where my new Iphone is coming from ;-) No other site on the net could even come close!!!!!" ~ p1erspar

$1,537.50 win ~ Spinning Spurs
"It was a nice surprise to win in the spinning spurs side game. The winnings are certainly a help during these tough economic times. ~ scrumball

$2,400.00 win ~ Mad Scientist ~ 17th January 2011
"What a surprise I had the other day playing Galaxy of Riches I won over 2 thousand dollars. I must admit I was in shock for some time. I would just like to say thank you and I havent yet decieded what I will be doing with my win. I so much enjoy Bingo Cafe and talking with people from all over the world on the chat. Its a great site." ~maree18 

2) MegaBingo Marathon - Voyage to Vegas

A TRIP TO LAS VEGAS is up for grabs on March 5, 2011

One action-packed Mega Bingo game could send you and a friend on a 7 day trip to the most popular destination in the world! Make sure to get your Mega Bingo tickets to stand a chance to be the lucky winner!


The Mega BIngo game will play at 10pm (22:00) EST on Saturday, March 5, 2011 The card cost is $2 per card. Get 5 cards FREE for each 5 cards you purchase.

Pre-buy your tickets anytime between now and game time!

MegaBingo Monthly Details

3) Double Bubble - February Monthly Competition

Double Bubble
We've filled a giant "bubble" with Bonus Bucks this month. Your job is to "pop" the bubble to win your share! There are 2 reasons to call this month's competition "Double Bubble"!

1st ~ Double=2 and Double Numbers To "pop" the bubble, you will need to bingo on B-2 and each of the double numbers.

02 - 11 - 22 - 33 - 44 - 55 - 66

2nd ~ Once you complete this mission you can double your bonus by doing it all over again!

That's right... you can win twice! Competition begins February 1st and ends on February 28.

Get your competition information

4) Loyalty Club

What does this mean? Bingo Cafe rewards all of our loyal players with exclusive benefits each month. Your loyalty status is based on the following: deposits, wagering, time spent in the site as well as feedback from the CMs. For more information, visit the website.


5) Deposit bonus specials

12th February 2011, Saturday: 100% back on all deposits for all players.
Make sure your combined real and BB balance is less than £5 to get the bonus.

6) Free Games

Make sure you're actively playing bingo, and make a deposit at least once every 7 days, to qualify for our free bingo hours.

Day Time (EST) Loyalty Level
Tuesday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Tuesday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond

7) New player bonuses

For New Players
10 free on Bingo, 200 Free Slot Spins - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED
300% match on 1st deposit.

8) Tournaments

Bingo Cafe has many exciting tournaments for you to choose from...
Saturday Spinsation
Sunday Spectacular
48 Hour Bingo
Slot Hot Shots



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