April 2011 News

1) Top Winners

Player Amount Game Date
The Posh Life
6ulBROTHER 1116 Roman Riches 4-Apr-2011
Angel Wings 2675 Mermaids Treasure 2-Apr-2011
aroseisarose 1125 Jungle Fever 13-Apr-2011
author 1200 Mad Scientist 12-Apr-2011
aylajade 1030 Lost City of Atlantis 12-Apr-2011
balijude 1203 Roman Riches 8-Apr-2011
Beck77 7505 Blackbeards Booty 6-Apr-2011
bockker 1275 Cards of Fortune 30-Mar-2011
caper6004 1125 Jungle Fever 11-Apr-2011
chickdee 1227 Jungle Fever 7-Apr-2011
Cjay76 1508 Flower Power 6-Apr-2011
col22 2880 Jackpot Jamboree 4-Apr-2011
debaby58 2604 Slots of Bingo 6-Apr-2011
derf54 1147 Jungle Fever 31-Mar-2011
devilishdlites 1000 The Posh Life 5-Apr-2011
emz60 1000 Lost City of Atlantis 12-Apr-2011
eskay 1313 Genie Fortune 13-Apr-2011
femalecat 1455 Flower Power 10-Apr-2011
Giggles80 1250 Pyramids of Cash 3-Apr-2011
jackson0565 1257 Galaxy of Riches 2-Apr-2011
JazzyJazz 2268 Slots of Bingo 30-Mar-2011
johnboy57 1312 Gypsy Queen 30-Mar-2011
jovigirl08 1950 Spinning Spurs 2-Apr-2011
kanetaukiri 2036 Roman Riches 30-Mar-2011
Kangajack 2532 Riches of Wonderland 9-Apr-2011
katy21 1125 Pyramids of Cash 30-Mar-2011
kiwiboy 12600 The Posh Life 31-Mar-2011
kiwiboy 2812 Flower Power 2-Apr-2011
Ksta73 1251 Galaxy of Riches 9-Apr-2011
lainey17 1475 Mermaids Treasure 8-Apr-2011
lalalillie 1017 Lost City of Atlantis 8-Apr-2011
luckybazz 1125 Pyramids of Cash 6-Apr-2011
lucy9971 2640 Mermaids Treasure 7-Apr-2011
lynnorama 1391 Enchanted Garden 10-Apr-2011
Madam Lash 1015 Gypsy Queen 2-Apr-2011
maggs12 1030 Lost City of Atlantis 6-Apr-2011
mike7657 3775 Slots of Bingo 6-Apr-2011
Millenia2 1567 Jungle Fever 31-Mar-2011
mystic1965 1030 Mermaids Treasure 7-Apr-2011
mzthickness 1280 The Posh Life 30-Mar-2011
naniscar 2010 Galaxy of Riches 2-Apr-2011
Nic24 2007 Pyramids of Cash 31-Mar-2011
numbnuts69 3775 Slots of Bingo 8-Apr-2011
pommy74 1288 Enchanted Garden 11-Apr-2011
PrincessJudy 1260 Mermaids Treasure 13-Apr-2011
RustyBalls 1377 Mermaids Treasure 13-Apr-2011
sally68 1203 Flower Power 8-Apr-2011
snappydoo 1239 Galaxy of Riches 30-Mar-2011
snip257 1005 The Posh Life 13-Apr-2011
starguard55 1250 Galaxy of Riches 13-Apr-2011
SugarSmacks65 1268 Jackpot Jamboree 8-Apr-2011
Surprise28 1000 MultiHand Deuces Wild 6-Apr-2011
tamralee56 1251 Galaxy of Riches 30-Mar-2011
ticklema 1250 Pyramids of Cash 30-Mar-2011
Tucker1 1265 Jackpot Jamboree 8-Apr-2011
Twiggy27 2505 Galaxy of Riches 10-Apr-2011
wimpo 2045 Lost City of Atlantis 8-Apr-2011
2250 Blackbeards Booty 12-Apr-2011


$2,675.00 win ~Mermaids Treasure - 2 April 2011
This amazing win couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I really need a holiday. I am a nurse & work
full-time. I also have Lupus so get very sore & tired. This win will let me have a holiday to go & visit my
Daughter (who is having her second baby at the end of the year), my Son-In-Law and Grandson who live
in New South Wales. So to all at Bingocafe a HUGE thank you from me. It is unbelievable!!! ~Angel Wings

$3,775.00 win ~Slots of Bingo - 8 April 2011
I couldn't believe I won it has come at such a good time.  I plan to spend the money on my son school fees
for the next 12 months and take the family away on a nice week-end vacation.  Thanks once again
Bingo Cafe.~numbnuts69

$2,045.00 win ~ Lost City of Atlantis - 8 April 2011
"Love that game, great win again don't think my good wife will wear another chainsaw so will up grade her
new car to the top of the line, witch will take care of the money. thanks so much bingo cafe is number
one cheers "~garfield68

$1,017.00 win ~ Lost City of Atlantis - 8 April 2011
" I plan on paying some bills and save up a little bit of it to buy myself something nice! It's been a long time
since I've done that. Thanks for the win Bingo Cafe!"~garfield68

$1,125.00 win ~ Jungle Fever - 11 April 2011
I was so happy when I won, I was actually in shock. This win will come in handy as we are in the process
of buying a new car and every little bit helps. I am very grateful to Bingo Cafe for this win. I also want to
mention again how great the people working at this site are. The CM's are absolutely wonderful and a
special thank you to CM Suzieq who has made me laugh so hard I almost cried while playing in the
room. She is full of life, laughter and love and I so enjoy playing when she is working. Thanks again
 Bingo Cafe for wonderful times playing at your site and the fast, quick payouts when requested.

2) MegaBingo

Mega Bingo has begun!

It's the start of a brand new month, and to celebrate, we're giving away thousands of dollars in guaranteed cash prizes.

Have a look at the MegaBingo Game schedule for April

Everyday untill the 31st of April,, you can stand the chance of winning $1,000 Daily.

MegaBingo Monthly Details

3) Pot O'Gold- April Monthly Competition

Pot O' Gold

Do you ever dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Get your share of a fabulous $2,000 BB prize by
winning bingo on each of these numbers this month:

* 4 * 7 * 13 * 29 * 33 * 37 * 50 * 58 * 65 * 70 *

Get your competition information

4) Loyalty Club

What does this mean? Bingo Cafe rewards all of our loyal players with exclusive benefits each month. Your loyalty status is based on the following: deposits, wagering, time spent in the site as well as feedback from the CMs. For more information, visit the website.


5) Deposit bonus specials

Every Saturday during April: 100% back on all deposits for all players.
Make sure your combined real and BB balance is less than $5 to get the bonus

6) Free Games

Make sure you're actively playing bingo, and make a deposit at least once every 7 days, to qualify for our free bingo hours.

Day Time (EST) Loyalty Level
Tuesday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Tuesday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Wednesday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Thursday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 6am-7am Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Friday 5pm-6pm Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 6am-7am Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Saturday 5pm-6pm Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 6am-7am Gold, Platinum, Diamond
Sunday 5pm-6pm Gold, Platinum, Diamond

7) New player bonuses

For New Players
10 free on Bingo, 200 Free Slot Spins - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED
300% match on 1st deposit.

8) Tournaments

Bingo Cafe has many exciting tournaments for you to choose from...
Saturday Spinsation
Sunday Spectacular
48 Hour Bingo
Slot Hot Shots

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